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Angelika Laughs

--Stop laughing. There's nothing to fuckin' laugh at. Fuck, you're making me nervous.
--Nervous? I'm making you nervous? Fuck!
--Yeah, nervous. Fuckin' cut the shit.
--By laughing? You're nervous, 'cause I'm laughing?
--Yes, you fuck! I'm nervous 'cause you -- you fuckhead -- 'cause you are fuckin' laughing.
--You've got a case full of newspaper -- a case full! -- cut to the size of cash, and you're gonna fuckin' hand it off to a drug lord for a couple pounds of coke and try to get away with it. And I'm makin' you fuckin' nervous? By laughing! You got some fucked up...
--Fuck you, you fuck!

"Angelika Laughs"

14" x 12"
acrylic on canvas
August 2005
all rights reserved

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