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I Am Too Old to Have a Crush On Bob Odenkirk

The other girls, the ordinary girls, the uninspiring girls. Take inventory of your lusts and laugh at them. You can't be blamed for what stirs your heart. Can you? It is involuntary, afterall. Isn't it? Are you smitten by that screen star because of some true something, or are you smitten because his PR agent is that good? Your current infatuations are meaningless. I dare you to look away from the crowd. Get sweaty at the thought of someone more unusual. It will be the best dirty sweat of your heart's career. Leave Brad Pitt and his ilk to the other girls. The ordinary girls. The uninspiring girls.

"I Am Too Old to Have a Crush on Bob Odenkirk"

18" x 18"
acrylic on canvas
18 March, 2006

all rights reserved

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