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There Are So Many Cranes...

Skinny kids with big sunglasses. With Sinatra hats. With habits. With skateboards. With headphones. With their last $20. With livers in overdrive. This is the lifestyle for sale in the real estate pages. Come to the land of make believe! Every girl is an artist! Every boy is in a band! Everyone is happy in their pop culture relevance! So cool. Slipping. Skidding. Sliding. This is the carnival. You can't fake this kind of hip. And you can't buy into it, just watch it from your glassy towers on the water. See the characters as they overextend themselves financially, working freelance, living five in a two bedroom, drinking six nights a week. Meeting the man in the car for the go-go-go potions. Listen to their prayers in rock songs. Catch them crashing on the dance floors.

"There Are So Many Cranes In Williamsburg That The Audubon Society Has Mistakenly Named It A Bird Sanctuary"

11" x 14"
acrylic on canvas
February, 2007

all rights reserved

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