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Goth & Gonzo

He did not know what the point was anymore. Somewhere it went off course and wrecked itself in the shallows of his mind. A mind currently obliterated by a cocktail of pills and powders, and, of course, an actual cocktail or two. Maybe tequila wasn't his drink, afterall. She was going on about making money with monkeys -- no, that couldn't be right -- and in doing so this bob-haired woman -- who just damn-stopped making verbal sense to him -- slowly managed to darken her features and widen her scowl into the exagerrated romanticism of Goth. He wondered if her teeth had points.

He began to believe that he needed an antidote.

"Goth & Gonzo"

29" x 23"
acrylic on canvas
8 December, 2005

all rights reserved

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