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Immaculate Complexion

Hey, hey, hey. You wanna be my heartbreaker? Hey, you wanna come and show me how much I'm gonna miss you when you're gone? I've got a real good feeling that you and me could have some fun together. Real good feeling. You and me could take it onto the streets and get something going. I know a guy, you know? Someone who can help us out, to kick it off with style. Someone who makes acceleration his business. Let me get your next drink. Hey, c'mon! I'm not asking for the moon, just the night. Just one night? Hey then, why you out all alone, pretty girl like you, all alone if you're not looking for a friend? A play pal. Someone to make your bed seem not so big? You know you roll around in your sheets, lonely, empty. Let me take the edge off. Hey, break my heart.

"Immaculate Complexion"

17" X 14"
acrylic on wood
24 January, 2003
all rights reserved

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