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My Desire to Leave Is Only Outdone by My Desire to Stay

Don't I know you? Aren't you the one who hit me up for a connection? You said you were new to town. Weren't we both so tragically hip? Didn't we stop at that bar across from the subway exit? Didn't I say I wanted to feel ya? Didn't we get trashed on a Tuesday night? I bought shots of whiskey, though you wanted tequila. Wasn't something by The Smiths playing? You said they were your favorite band. And didn't I say, well, Strangeways here we come as I shoved pills into your hand? Weren't you the one with your fist down my pants? Didn't we kiss and fall into a booth with a crash? I think we even left together. You might've said you'd love me forever. Wasn't I walking down the middle of the street with your mouth on my neck? Didn't we stop for condoms and go to your place? It was a studio space, in a new building in the middle of an old 'hood. Didn't you tell me I made love really good? Weren't we fools? I'm pretty sure that was you.

"My Desire to Leave Is Only
Outdone by My Desire to

12" x 14"
acrylic on wood panel
March, 2007
all rights reserved

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