Photo Booth painting

Call it nostalgia for a past we never had.
Call it escapism. For as much as we socialize.
For as much as we want to be hip. For as much
as we try to drink the world under the table.
We are a generation distressed.
Sometimes the person hitting on you isn't the
person you want. Sometimes the gin or drugs
alter everything in frightening ways. And yet,
there is always refuge in the cold white surfaces,
bright lights and faded curtain of the photo booth at whatever the venue you call away-from-home. Be shy, sexy, bold, gorgeous, scared, excited, wacky, plain, bored, angry, bizarre, other-wordly, or be ugly.

The sulphur-scented photo booth doesn't judge.

"Photo Booth"

21" x 24"
acrylic on wood
29 July, 2006

all rights reserved

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