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Elizabeth, When You Die, I'd Like A Lamp Post

The south bank of the river is a carnival,
complete with a ghastly,
corporate-branded Ferris wheel.
It is a draw for the tourists.
Ask the panhandlers, they know.
The north bank proves to be more austere.
More business, less circus.
And the river between is old,
unaware that the travelers are drawn to it.
It has tired of its eons flow and is insulted
by the Cadbury wrappers and Guinness cans
bobbing on its surface.
Beauty has abandoned it, and
its view of the sullen sky overhead
is obstructed by the stretched bridges
that tie the banks to each other.
And so it simply runs on, lowly sighing.
Even at night, the river knows no rest,
for the nearby lamp posts,
wrapped with the iron bodies of fanciful,
helmet-headed fish, make sleep difficult
with their burning glow.

"Elizabeth, When You Die, I'd Like a Lamp Post"

11" x 21"
acrylic on canvas
24 September, 2005

all rights reserved

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